Hydroponic and Sustainable Farming
Pesticide Free Produce

We are your local neighborhood Farm!
We sell directly to the public.

Most of our sales are thru Farmers Markets, however you can send us a text and arrange to pick up at the farm on Fridays.  830-481-4272 or 830-263-0202.

Don't see what you need?
Please keep in mind, we are a local producer, we do not resell anything.
We can grow a product only in it's appropriate season and what is suitable for our soil type, Black Land Clay.
Exceptions to that are what we grow in Greenhouse
during winter and Shadehouse in Summer.


Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline
SFC Sunset Valley

Preorders taken by texting to;
830-481-4272 for Lakeline Market, or   830-263-0202 for SFC Sunset market by 5:00 pm on Thursday, for pick up and payment at the market.
Include your name so we know who it is for.  This does not mean you won't be in line at market but means you will be able to get some things in short supply and minimize social contact at this time. This is something we normally don't do so please bear with us if we make come mistakes, we will make it right.

We also encourage orders for pick up at Farm on Friday afternoons / evening, we are on FM20 one mile east from SH130 south from Austin.


Saturday, July 11
WILL NOT be at Market on 7-4

Lettuce   $6.00 / bag
Kale  $6.00 / bag
Watercress  $4.00 / bag
  $3.00 / bag
Spicy Mix  $3.00 / bag
Mixed Greens 
 $3.00 /bag 

1015 & Red Onions reg.   1.50 / lb
Leeks   1.50 / each
Radish  $2.00  / Bnch

Vine Ripe Tomatoes  3.00 / lb
Cherry Tomatoe
 $4.00 / pint
European Seedless Cucumber   2.00 /each
Field grown salad cucumber  1.50 / each

Pole Beans, Green    3.00 / bag
Swiss Chard  3.00 / bnch

Squash, Yellow or Zuchinni, Green or Yellow  2.00  / lb
Shishito Peppers  $3.00 /  pint
Sweet Peppers, Cubilelle,
Gypsy & Bell   2 for $!.00
Banana Peppers  3 / $1.00
 Pickling Cucumbers  2.00 /  pint
Fennel  2.00  /  bulb

Eggs, Chicken   5.00 / Doz
& Duck 
4.00 / 1/2 Doz 

Available items are fewer as hot weather is setting in and rain is sparse.  See below in growing conditions. 

Everything fresh picked

We do not hold perishable items from week to week.

We also offer Fresh Eggs  from nonconfined, pastured  poultry.  Poultry feed (supplemental) used is non GMO or Soy


Current Growing Conditions                 

Growing conditions - fair
(Fred's gripe section)

Technically it's still spring but it's suddenly switched over to full blown summer.  Cool weather crops are done for until next fall, warm weather crops are coming along as weather permits.  For entire winter and spring rainfall has been insuffecient to provide any run off  for irrigation water resupply.   Without ample irrigation we can not start a new crop.
Long range forcasters suggest drought relief may be coming as summer progresses but short term we may be in trouble.  We can still grow some things but not all we normally would.   Such is farm life.
   Farming is not a 9 to 5 job but a lifestyle and what we do and when is governed by the weather conditions at hand. If we seem a bit grumpy at times,,, well we might be really tired.    Quality Food is a product of nature, processed crap is of industry..  Nature  likes to "make" you one day and "break you" the next.


NO GMO's found here

We have what you need.

Come Visit us at a Farmers Market  in Austin, Saturday 9AM-1PM

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Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline Mall
SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley
(Tony Berger Center)

For local folk, we encourage a call for pickup at the Farm on Friday evenings, contact Jackie, voice or text to 830-481-4272,  or Fred 830-263-0202

We are 15 mi from Seguin, 25 mi from New Braunfels & 15 Mi from San Marcos.