Hydroponic and Sustainable Farming

We are proud to be your local neighborhood Farm!

Don't see what you need?
Please keep in mind, we are a local producer, we do not resell anything.
We can grow a product only in it's appropriate season and what is suitable for our soil type, Black Land Clay.
Exceptions to that are what we grow in Greenhouse during winter and Shadehouse in Summer.


AVAILABLE THIS WEEK for  9 - 22 & 29


Bell Peppers
Italian Sweet Peppers
Cucumbers, picklers
Yellow Squash
Vegetable Spaghetti Squash
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Onions, 1015 & red
Lettuce, leaf type

Everything fresh picked
We will also offer Fresh Eggs and Duck Eggs,

Current Growing Conditions                 

Growing conditions - fair
Inside of 2 weeks we have
gone from extremely Hot and Dry
to being excessively wet, 8+ inches of rain
This has ruined  much of our production
and it  will get to cool soon, so replanting
many things won't happen.  We will
be starting cool season plants soon.



NO GMO's found here

We have what you need.

Come Visit us at a Farmers Market in Austin, Saturday 9AM-1PM

Come Visit us at a Farmers Market in Austin, Saturday 9AM-1PM
Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline Mall
SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley
(Tony Berger Center)

For local pickup at the Farm on Friday evenings, contact Jackie, voice or text to 830-481-4272