Hydroponic and Sustainable Farming

We are proud to be your local neighborhood Farm!

Don't see what you need?
Please keep in mind, we are a local producer, we do not resell anything.
We can grow a product only in it's appropriate season and what is suitable for our soil type, Black Land Clay.
Exceptions to that are what we grow in Greenhouse during winter and Shadehouse in Summer.


9 AM to 1 PM at the following
Texas Farmers Market, Lakeline Mall
SFC Sunset Valley, Tony Berger Ctr
New Braunfels Market, Krause's on Castell St.


Lakeline & New Braunfels

Cucumbers, slicers
Egg Plant

Okra, Green & Red
Onions, Reds & Sweet
Red Salad Onions
Mixed Greens
Spicey Mustard Mix
Baby Kale
Yellow Squash
Shishitzu Peppers

Banana Pepper
Bell Peppers, mixed colors
Italian Peppers (Bull Horn) 

Everything fresh picked

We will also offer Fresh Eggs  from non confined, pastured  poultry.  Poultry feed used is non GMO or Soy

Current Growing Conditions                 

Growing conditions - Declining

Rain fall at this time is sparse and summer heat is on, this is normal but still makes it rough. We did get a surprise rain of 1.85inch to help out for a little while.  We can irrigate many things but not everything due to limited supply.  Temps are normal for this time of year so it dries out rapidly.  As long as water is available, heat loving plants will do well. We will rely shade cloth areas for items that don't do well in heat.  As the Summer progresses we will be forced to discontinue some things until fall. (October)   Remember, everything a grower does is governed by the weather conditions at hand. Quality Food is a product of nature, processed crap is of industry..  Nature  likes to "make" you one day and "break you" the next.


NO GMO's found here

We have what you need.

Come Visit us at a Farmers Market  in Austin or now in New Braunfels, Saturday 9AM-1PM

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Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline Mall
SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley
(Tony Berger Center)

Also at
New Braunfels Market
(Krause's Restaurant)

For local pickup at the Farm on Friday evenings, contact Jackie, voice or text to 830-481-4272