Hydroponic and Sustainable Farming
Pesticide Free Produce

We are your local neighborhood Farm!
We sell directly to the public.

Contact us at 830-481-4272  or  830-=263-0202

Please keep in mind, we are a local producer, we do not resell anything.
We can grow a product only in it's appropriate season and what is suitable for our soil type, Black Land Clay.
Exceptions to that are what we grow in Greenhouse
during winter and Shadehouse in Summer.



Dec 2

Austin area
SFC Sunset Valley

TFM at Lakeline Mall

Farm Stand Wednesday's
Nov 29

Lettuce Mix  
Head Lettuce - 6 varieties
Curley Kale

Egg Plant
Bok Choi
Swiss Chard
European Seedless Cucumbers
Italian Sweet Peppers
Bell Peppers
Yellow Squash

Dorper Lamb meat
Grass fed

Professionally processed/ State inspected Lamb Available.
Cuts may vary week to week

At farm only, Grass Feed Beef

Chicken Eggs,  Free Roaming, Non GMO or Soy,  $6.00 Doz.

Everything fresh picked

Updated 11-28


Current Growing Conditions                 

Growing conditions

Spring was very good to us until the early and rapid heat up in June.  There was plenty produce as well as pasture grass and a good crop of hay. Once the temperatures shot up, the desirable crops shut down and weeds flourished. The heat continues.  Rainfall as of now,  (9-7-23) is about 8 inches short for the year on top of the large deficit (9 in.) going into the first of the year. The drought carries on. With El Nino weather pattern developing, rainfall should turn around this coming fall.  Prayers for rain appreciated.
   Farming is not a 9 to 5 job but a lifestyle and what we do and when is governed by the weather conditions at hand. If we seem a bit grumpy at times,,, well we might be really tired.    Quality Food is a product of nature, processed crap is of industry..  Nature  likes to "make" you one day and "break you" the next.


NO GMO's found here

"Old School" Farming

Come Visit us at a Farmers Market  in Austin, Saturday 9AM-1PM

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Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline Mall
SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley
(Tony Berger Center)

For local folk, we encourage a call for pickup at the Farm on Friday evenings, contact Jackie, voice or text to 830-481-4272,  or Fred 830-263-0202

We are 15 mi from Seguin, 25 mi from New Braunfels & 15 Mi from San Marcos.